“Abide in me and I in you” is the injunction of Jesus to his disciples in what is known as the Upper Room Discourse from the Gospel of John. In general conversation we would probably not say ‘abide’, but might say ‘continue to be present’ or ‘remain constant’, with the intent being that we would not be moved, no matter the events that surround us. Our world seems increasingly one of upset, of turmoil, of uncertainty and we look for

What is the Bible? The Bible is a book, a collection of books actually, about 6 dozen of them written over a span of some 2000 years by about 3 dozen different individuals. It began with a simple quill or stylus dipped in ink with the characters and words marked either on animal skin known as parchment or a rough paper called papyrus. Typically comprised of individual sheets joined to form a scroll that was unrolled to read, copies were relatively

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