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Abide In Me

Abide in me and I in youis the injunction of Jesus to his disciples in what is known as the Upper Room Discourse from the Gospel of John. In general conversation we would probably not say ‘abide’, but might say ‘continue to be present’ or ‘remain constant’, with the intent being that we would not be moved, no matter the events that surround us. Our world seems increasingly one of upset, of turmoil, of uncertainty and we look for something to ease our anxiety just as Jesusdisciples, who were dismayed by the portentous events of that time. And these words are no less meaningful in the events of our time.

The analogy we are given as this account unfolds, is that of our relationship as the branches to Jesus as the vine. In this, we are enjoined to be fruitful as a result. Since this relationship is enlivened through our capacity to not only love God but to love one another, the nature of the fruit we bear is revealed as the joy that comes to us and extends through us when we truly take on the meaning of ‘Abide in me’, ‘live in me’, ‘take your energy and meaning from me.

However, if we allow the confusion and noise endemic in the events of our time to overshadow or even displace our hope, our faith, our love, it speaks to the connection – or lack thereof – in that relationship. So as we contemplate this relationship, especially in this Advent season, let our intent be fully contained in Jesus’ enduring reassurance to his disciples, “that my joy may be in you and your joy may be full”.
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